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Your Next Family Heirloom


Our Story: 

1904 Pits is a St. Louis based company offering both backyard enthusiasts and professional cookers alike an unparalleled cooking experience on high-quality American made smokers and grills.  

Our team is comprised of native St. Louisan’s who take great pride in our city's rich history and the historic BBQ culture that makes this city one of the premier BBQ locations in the world. 


We are passionate to continue this great culture through our 1904 line of pits. 


We want YOU to take pride in a 1904 Pit. A pit with a backstory. A pit that’s one of a kind.

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Cooking with a Wood Fire

The year is 1904. 

On April 30th, St. Louis proudly opened its arms to the world. For 215 days our frequently overlooked river city was the epicenter of the modern world. 19.7 million people from more than 60 countries visited - cultures mingled and innovation thrived. The Fair will forever mark a historical turning point in American food. 118 years ago, right here in our own backyard, food culture in America was forever changed and St. Louis is incredibly proud of this. For decades to come, St. Louisans began to cook more and more over an open fire. Specifically, a large pit with a fire grate and single cooking grate approximately 24" apart. The flavor achieved from the drippings falling on the fire is what gets us over-the-moon excited about cooking. Through this mindset, the Slinger and Trolley pits were born. 

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Cheer On Our Cowboy

Koltin Hevalow, KC Outlaws

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