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Argentine style grills are almost identical to Santa Maria grills but with one added tool - the Brasero. The Brasero burn box allows you to burn your own wood splits into charcoal and then transfer that charcoal to the main cooking area. It's a labor of love but incredibly rewarding!

Made of 3/16” steel with fire brick lined tub for heat retention and longevity. Our Argentine grill features a true 36" angled "v" channel cooking grate which guides the drippings from the meat into a front drain. You can then baste the meat with these drippings which are normally lost on a typical charcoal pit. Easily raise and lower the grate for high heat searing. Each Santa Maria comes with a bottom storage shelf, front fold down door, removable cooking grid with juice drain and fold down side shelf. Locking swivel casters are placed on the left side and fixed casters on the right. A pull handle on the left allows you to easily move this pit on grass, concrete or asphalt. 


Standard Features:

  • Brasero Burn Box

  • Firebrick Lined Charcoal Tub

  • Removable V Channel Cooking Grid

  • 8” Casters

  • The Coveted 1904 Patina Finish



  • Total Dimensions - 59”W x 33”D x 78”H

  • Cooking Grate - 36” x 21”

  • Distance to the Fire: 9"-32" 

  • Weight: Approximately 490lbs


Free shipping on St. Louis BBQ Store's website here

Argentine Grill 3FT

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