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The Trolley direct heat cooker will transport your cooks to the next level! 


Made of 3/16” steel with fire brick lined bottom for heat retention and longevity. The standard Trolley is 3 feet wide and 24 inches deep with the grate sitting 24 inches above the coal bed for that perfect direct heat flavor. Nothing and we mean NOTHING beats the flavor you get from setting a whole hog or brisket above the fire and letting those drippings create a mouth watering smokey-steam. 


Standard Features:

  • 2 Tel-Tru Thermometers

  • 1 Expanded Metal Cooking Grate

  • 6” Casters

  • Firebrick Lined Bottom with Expanded Metal Fire Grate

  • 2 Lid Latches for Tight Seal

  • The Coveted 1904 Patina Finish



  • Total Dimensions - 49”W x 32”D x 44”H

  • Cooking Grate - 32” x 20.5”

  • Distance to the Fire: 24" 

  • Weight: Approximately 620lbs


Free shipping to the main 48 states on St. Louis BBQ Store's website here

The Trolley 3FT

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